What Are PDO Threads? How Long Does It Last?

Having wrinkles, sag skin, and fine lines as we get older can make you feel frustrated and unsatisfied, especially when you look at the mirror where you can see that your skin is not the same as before. Well, that is part of growing old, and you cannot deny the fact that when the day passes by, your skin also grows older. But don’t lose hope, my friend! It’s not the end of the world! Pdo Threads As our world continues to advance and evolve, different treatments also arise! And that’s the good news. The cosmetic world doesn’t stop to find solutions in treating various skin conditions for the benefit of many. One of the newest designs of skincare is PDO threads, and it became popular due to its remarkable results for combating signs of aging!

 Let’s explore the world of PDO threads! Read more to find out more!

When does the PDO thread start?

Since the 1980s, PDO treatment is taking over in the field of medicine, especially in surgeries. Thus, the thread lifts before used non-absorbent materials which became one of their limitations and became a hindrance to their popularity. 

Hence, in the year 2011, the PDO treatment started to modernize and became known because of using biodegradable materials and having sustainable results. 

What is a PDO Thread?

PDO Thread procedure or popularly known as thread lifts, is an innovative technique for inclusive lifting and tightening of the skin. This treatment involves using suture threads made up of dissolvable materials that are inserted underneath your skin. The moment that it interacts with your skin, the result will show an immediate lifting effect. The effects of this procedure are not only for tightening of the skin, but it can increase and enhance collagen production, creating a smoother and healthy skin appearance. Moreover, these threads are customizable. It comes in different sizes, shapes, and textures to accommodate the different concerns and needs of every patient.

Furthermore, most PDO threads are safely and effectively combined with fillers and Botox, which gives an incredible result in lifting the weight of the skin, especially in the mid-face and lower face.

What are the benefits of Pdo Threads?

Because of the modernization and evolution of PDO thread lifts, numerous skin conditions can be safely addressed and corrected, paving the significant benefits of PDO, which are the following:

  • · It enhances the facial appearance by giving your face a well-defined and distinct profile.
  •  It helps to prevent skin sagging and laxity.
  • It reduces wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, cheeks, and lips
  • It is used for lifting and tightening of brows, cheek volume, improving frown lines, defining lip borders, lifting jowls, and tightening the lower face and jawline.
  • A fast recovery that’s why you can return right away with your daily activities.
  • There’s no incision and no scarring.
  • Minimally invasive and has a fast procedure ( usually takes 30 minutes)
  •  It can be safely combined with other beauty treatments

Is Pdo Threads treatment safe and effective?

Facial makeover using PDO is generally safe. Since 2018 FDA has approved the materials in PDO for healing wounds in the different medical fields such as plastic surgery, eye surgery, gynecology, and cosmetology. Also, because the materials are mild, there are no reports of allergic reactions and serious complications, which makes it completely safe for all. 

A 2019 study established that a PDO thread lift produced an instant improvement in skin laxity.

In a 2014 study, it was established that Thread lift is a safe procedure with a low incidence of complications, and the majority of patients (89%), are satisfied and pleased with the results.

In addition, the latest research results illustrate that thread lift for the facial makeover was safe, effective, and has lesser complications. Unlike before, where it utilizes non-absorbable material producing side effects and recurrent complications, modern methods use dissolvable sutures which are safer and more effective.

Pdo Threads aftercare

Recovery from a PDO thread lift is very manageable. For the first 24 to 48 hours, you may experience slight swelling and bruising but very much tolerable. Hence, there are things that you should avoid after the treatment.

As much as possible, don’t rub or touch your face to avoid possible infection or complications. You will also advise avoiding smoking, drinking using a straw. Also, some activities like intense workouts should be avoided. 

Moreover, it is recommended that in the first few weeks of the thread procedure, you should not apply daily moisturizer, and you should sleep with your head upheld to avoid dislodging the suture.

How long does PDO threads lift last?

Unlike other injectable cosmetic treatments, thread lifts have long-lasting results. Many studies and research-supported that PDO thread lift has long-lasting results depending on how the patient takes care of their skin.

Naturally, threads are dissolved in the body within nine months, but then the appealing results will last for up to two years.

In an article of Aesthetic Surgery Journal, it was noted that thread lift results could last for 9 years, with 16 years of thread lift experience. Also, it was stated that compared to adults whose results can last for 1 to 2 years, young individuals tend to have longer results. (3-4 years).

Moreover, a 2017 report proposed that the initial effect of a thread lift is that the skin appears tighter and more structured. It was noted that the result after a year would start to decrease as the sutures were completely dissolved. However, the effect may still be visible 3 years or more after the procedure because of the preservation of collagen underneath your skin.

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