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Kybella is the first treatment ever to be approved by the FDA to directly eliminate fat cells in the skin. Its main ingredient is deoxycholic acid. This acid exists naturally in our bodies to help break down the fat we eat. But now, aestheticians can use it to break down fat in specific areas of the body. The experts at Aère Aesthetics use Kybella to eliminate fat in clients’ double chin, mouth and jowl, and “bra bulge”.

With Kybella treatment, the fat cells that are destroyed are gone forever! They are naturally eliminated from the body. Most clients require 2-4 treatment sessions and see the aesthetic results they want within 3 months.

PDO Threads

Made of dissolvable sutures, polydioxanone (PDO) threads are used to either lift sagging tissue using barbed threads or to soften fine lines and creases using smooth threads. These collagen-stimulators have become incredibly popular and are commonly used in combination with fillers and Botox to lift the heaviness of the skin, especially in the mid-face and lower face.

As the PDO threads dissolve naturally, the skin tissue is left with more collagen than before. It’s a powerful anti-aging procedure! Threads are used for brow lifts, to lift cheek volume, improve smile lines, define lip borders, lift jowls, and tighten the lower face and jawline.

The PDO treatment process takes about 30 minutes, and you can go about your daily tasks immediately after your appointment. The threads are naturally dissolved in the body within nine months, but the aesthetic results will last for up to two years!


As we grow older, our face loses bony support, the fat pads deflate, the tissue descends, and we see more shadows in the skin. The youthful appearance you’re used to seeing in the mirror slowly fades into a more aged appearance.

Fillers are a wonderful aesthetic treatment used to create a chiseled, defined, and stronger jawline. These treatments contour, rejuvenate, and strengthen the framework of the face. They can also improve sagging skin by helping it retain volume and hydration. Fillers are commonly used in hollow temples, under-eye shadows, cheek lifts, lip enhancements, lower face shadows, jawline definition, and chin rejuvenation. Fillers can also be combined with other treatments to create a perfect and sharp jawline.

Aère Aesthetics is dedicated to using facial fillers to provide undetectable, natural-looking results. The providers always seek to give you a polished and refined look, cosmetic enhancements to keep you looking like you – only younger!

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