Aquagold Facial - Los Angeles & Denver

The Aquagold facial is an ideal treatment for those who want something stronger than a facial, but less intense than microneedling. The experts at Aère Aesthetics use an Aquagold microchannel needling device that utilizes 24-karat needles, which are each smaller than a hair follicle.

Those microneedles deliver a specialized solution directly into the top layer of your skin. Aère Aesthetics uses a blend of Botox, filler, skin brighteners, and vitamins. The needling stimulates collagen production and the tailored treatment blend helps shrink pores, improve scars and skin texture, prevent oiliness and breakouts, and create a dreamy glow that will boost the confidence you have in your appearance. This treatment is perfect before an event or as a way to maintain the health of your skin.

Aquagold Facial Pricing

Aquagold Facial

From $650